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Dear In treatment patients,

During this difficult time, we would like to continue to monitor how you might be going with your treatment and give advice where we can.

We would like to do this via email and photos. 

Send your email to our monitoring email site :

Please provide us with :

Name of Patient 

Date of Birth

Photos similar to ones given as examples:

  1. Front on biting on your back teeth
  2. Left side biting on your back teeth
  3. Right side biting on your back teeth
  4. Upper mouth open wide as you can
  5. Lower mouth open wide as you can

If you have INVISALIGN  or Retainers

Please send TWO sets

  • One set with aligners in and one without them in. 


And any other photos you deem necessary. Please remember to wash your hands first. 

Please feel free to contact us and we can also discuss over phone or virtual meeting. 

We thank you for your understanding in this trying time.  We will be in touch regularly. 

The team at Liverpool Orthodontics

COVID-19 UPDATE.  For update, click here