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Aim to align your teeth and correct your bite. We use the latest scientific data and best products to align and correct your bite. We offer silver braces or clear braces, fixed braces are the most trusted and most established form of treatment. It can give the most finest control of each tooth during treatment.

Plates and Braces

An appliance that is fitted to the patient. The aim is to correct a disproportionate jaw growth during a child’s growth phase. We use the latest scientific data to design and prescribe the best type of plate or functional appliance that best suits your child, their rate/type of growth and timing of growth. Our aim is to minimise the amount and complexity of their treatment in future.


Is a virtually invisable form of treatment. It can be used by adults and children. It is comfortable and hygienic.

At Liverpool Orthodontics we use a scanner to capture your teeth data and aligners are manufactured digitally. As orthodontists, we can treat even complex cases with Invisalign.
It can decrease the number of visits you have at the orthodontist compared with Braces.

Invisable/ Lingual braces

Completely invisable braces on the back surface of your teeth. They are custom made to each tooth, but they do not require you to take them on and off.

Complex cases

Complex cases may involve collaborative treatment planning with other specialities for example an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon who can assist with correcting a jaw deformity or a Prosthodontist who can assist with reconstructing missing teeth. Or a Periodontist who can change gum and smile lines. We work with the various specialties to assist patients to gain the optimal outcome.